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For many women breastfeeding can take time to establish. Mother and baby getting to know each other is a journey, one that is passionate, emotional and frequently challenging.
I have helped families with many complex breastfeeding issues, such as babies with tongue tie, twins, babies with cows milk protein allergies, poor weight gain, severe reflux to mother’s with breast surgery, medical conditions such as MS, milk supply issues and much more.

The Consultation

I’ll visit you at your house, or you can visit me at mine and we can work together to discuss what your breastfeeding goals. I’ll find out what you feel is the problem and work with you to overcome this. I’m non-judgemental and feel what’s most important for your baby is that you, as a mum, are happy. I’ll support and guide you in any decision you choose.
First, I’ll take a history of what’s happened with feeding so far, where you’re up to etc. If you’d like we can have a chat about the birth and you can talk about whether you feel that has effected the breastfeeding.
I’ll conclude the session with a plan and follow up via phone to see how you’re doing. (You’ll generally need more than one appointment, but it is dependent on the complexity of your problem.)
There’s a voluntary questionnaire for you to complete before your appointment. This helps me to prepare for your visit and gives more time for the practical stuff.
• I have breastfeeding pillows, visual aids and other useful equipment.
• I carry baby weighing scales.
• I can diagnose tongue-tie and help make appropriate arrangements for a procedure if required.
• I work as a practicing midwife, so can answer any midwifery related questions.
• I’m also a trained baby massage instructor and LFHom homeopath.
On this website I provide help and guidance in the form of useful articles covering common breastfeeding topics and problems. These pages support advice I give in my sessions as well as enabling parents to identify common concerns and decide if extra support is required. I’ve linked to useful websites and you tube videos to support the subjects discussed. I hope you find them helpful.
* Please note that all links are provided in good faith, but Chloe Dymond cannot be held responsible for any third party organisations that you should choose.

Initial consultation in Cranbrook – £100 or £130 for a home visit (approximately 90 minutes).

  • Take a history (relevant medical background, pregnancy, birth, feeding journey so far)
  • Carry out a physical examination (mum’s breasts and baby)
  • Identify problems
  • Discuss feeding goals
  • Observe a feed
  • Offer feedback and suggestions
  • Work with mum to devise a step-by- step individualised plan
  • Send a follow-up email summarising visit, plans made and advice given
  • Call on the phone to discuss any outstanding queries and to check progress

Follow up sessions – £50 per hour or £60 for a home visit.

Many mother’s will require a follow-up visit to re-asses how the plan is working and if modifications or alternative solutions are needed.
If the problem is resolved quickly it’s helpful to have a feed observed, questions answered and advice on preventing future problems.

Skype consultation – £40 per hour

Face-to-face support in your home is ideal, but on occasions this isn’t always possible. I can offer the option of a Skype consultation at your convenience.
The following package is also available:

The ‘Breast Start’ Package

Including starter kit worth £50!

One to one package – £250 

Group session for 4 couples – £180 per couple

I have found that early support, including good antenatal education for all mother’s can help for a smoother, more relaxed and all round happier experience.
The following package helps prepare couples for breastfeeding, getting you off to the best start – ideal for first-time parents or mothers with previous feeding problems. Also useful if mother or baby has a medical condition that may impact on breastfeeding.

Antenatal class

  • Individualised pregnancy and health discussion
  • Breastfeeding expectations discussed
  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • How to get breastfeeding established
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Expressing techniques
  • Positioning and attachment guidance
  • Starter pack (expressing syringes, labels, breastfeeding booklet, re-usable organic breast pads, nipple cream, cool/heat packs)
  • Held at Elm Villa, Cranbrook. Approximately 1.5 hours

Postnatal support

  • One to one session at my home clinic.
  • Support with positioning and attachment
  • Discussion on how to establish a good milk supply
  • How to tell your baby is getting enough milk
  • What to expect, problem solving techniques and diet suggestions
  • Advice on relieving engorgement and ways to prevent mastitis
  • How to sustain successful breastfeeding
  • Approximately 1.5 hours

Additional support

  • 4 weeks of postnatal phone support
  • Tongue-tie diagnosis and advice
  • Introduction to community support groups

Payment Details

Individual Sessions –

Payment can be made in cash at the end of each session or via BACS in advance

Breast start package –

Full payment can be made in cash at the end of the antenatal class or in full via BACS in advance