Breastfeeding in public

There is NO law that says you can’t breastfeed in public. You can feed in any public area you like, any restaurant, shop, cafe, on the street or on public transport.

The only exemptions include an area that may endanger Mother or baby, such as a chemical environment, or in institutions set up for men only such as support groups or religious practices.
However, it can be very nerve wracking breastfeeding in public to begin with. Especially if you’re still figuring the latch. Start with small trips so you don’t panic and can get back home quickly if you need to.
To help you plan your trips out it’s useful to know where you can comfortably breastfeed. Check this link for breastfeeding friendly places in your local area:

As time goes on you’ll become more comfortable and not worry so much about people looking at you or even worry about latching.

We can be prudish in the UK, although times are changing. Old stuffy attitudes can make women feel uncomfortable breast-feeding in public. Let’s change these attitudes and show that we’re proud to feed our babies out and about.

Gone are the days where women were expected to be house wives. Fine if that’s our choice but we’re strong and independent. We choose our path, our careers and we want our babies to be have a great healthy start to life. We want to go out, exercise, see friends, go for dinner, meet up in our local pubs, go shopping. We work independently in our own businesses and want to take our breastfeeding babies with us.

Breastmilk is protecting our baby from infection and enhancing brain and organ development. We, as women have the power to create a healthier and stronger race of humans so don’t tell us where we can and can’t feed our babies.

This link will give you your full rights and what to do if someone asks you to stop.