Weaning babies onto solid food can be exciting as well as a challenge.
Recommendations from The Department of Health say mothers should wait till 6 months before weaning their baby’s. The guidelines USED to say 4 months and some Mothers may feel their baby’s are showing signs they need weaning at this age, so read on to find out more.

Why wait till 6 months?

  1. Most babies digestive tracts have not fully developed before 6 months so they could have problems processing solid foods, including purees.
  2. The research shows that nutritionally babies still only need breastmilk or formula. Breastmilk continues to protect your baby from infections.
  3. There are signs your baby will be ready for solids, such as holding their heads up, sitting and not pushing the food back out of their mouth.

Have a look at the NHS fact sheet for signs your baby is ready to be weaned:

It is advisable to go to a weaning class or read the government guidance online. Some parents feel reassured by taking a baby first aid class. It’s not uncommon during weaning for babies to gag or choke. Knowing what to do will help you feel more relaxed.
For information on what foods are safe for your baby check this site:

Babies don’t always take a lot of solid food to begin with and their main source of nutrition will still be milk. Some Mothers have difficulties making this transition with their baby’s and may need support.

Another difficult time is weaning a baby off the breast. Reasons Mothers wean off breast feeding vary from going back to work to just wanting their body back.
It can be emotional and sometimes tactics are needed to achieve it. Seek help if you are finding things difficult.