(Worldwide breastfeeding support network started in 1956 by Mothers for Mothers)
(American breastfeeding support site – excellent evidence based information and videos created by a Mother and IBCLC Lactation Consultant)
(Charity based – training peer to peer breastfeeding supporters (Mother to Mother) and providing free community support and drop in’s around the country – great for fact sheets and information – also has a helpline)
(Worldwide initiative to promote and support breastfeeding – set up by WHO (World Health Organisation) and UNICEF. Lays down the breastfeeding standards and guidance for health care professionals.
(Website created by Canadian Paediatrician and Breastfeeding guru ‘Jack Newman’ – also has great you tube vids)
(UK Charity that supports parents giving the best start to their baby’s life – focusing on conception to 3 years old – great videos)