Breastfeeding Gear

Breastfeeding pillows
Not an essential but can be handy in the early days. You can use cushions at home but if you’re struggling a good
breastfeeding pillow is a godsend.

  • Choose one with a firm foam base that clips around your waist and adds support for baby.
  • Washable covers mean you can maintain good hygiene when little accidents and spills occur.
  • Using a pillow can help take the weight from your arms.
  • It helps in achieving a good cradle and rugby hold.

Breast-feeding scarfs / shawls
Feeding out and about can be nerve wracking to begin with. You can take a light scarf or shawl out to cover yourself whilst getting a latch established. You’ll be mainly covered once baby is feeding so you can take it off after that.
Older baby’s get easily distracted whilst out and about. Here, a breastfeeding apron is an option.
Whilst it looks a bit strange it does enable Mother and baby to see each other during the feeds and can stop baby from pulling off the breast every 2 minutes.

Breastfeeding pads
Some women don’t have a problem with leaking boobs so do not need to use breast pads.
However, the majority of women do have some leaking if not a lot.
You can pay a huge range of prices for disposable pads, but as with sanitary towels they’re all pretty much like for like.
The other option is reusable pads, which are more environmentally friendly. Ensure they are made from a breathable
cotton and can be washed on a high heat setting.
Pads should ideally be changed with each feed especially if there’s higher risk of thrush or infections. This includes, Mother or baby on antibiotics, cracked, damaged or bleeding nipples.