Breastfeeding clothes

Breastfeeding bras
It’s important to have a comfortable, well fitting bra for breastfeeding. You don’t want something cutting or digging into swollen breasts as you could end up with blocked ducts.

You also want a bra you can easily access the breast from. Nursing bras have a flap at the front that clip open whilst the rest of the bra stays on and supports the breast.

    TIPS for buying:

  • Choose a bra one size up from your maternity bras. Clips at the back allow you to expand and reduce size. Breasts maybe larger in the first week or so when your milk first comes in.
  • There are different styles, so try a few to see which you get on with best. Make sure you can easily unclip the front one handed without looking. Saves faffing about.
  • Own 3 or more so you can rotate. Start with 2 and then buy more if you’re happy after the first few weeks.
  • Avoid underwired bras that dig into soft breast tissue and can block ducts.
  • Choose Cotton or breathable fabrics. Reduces the risk of bacterial infections and thrush.
  • Women with smaller breasts may choose stretchy regular bras or go completely braless. Some breastfeeding tops have built in bras.

Breastfeeding tops
You want something that makes getting your breast out easy, without revealing too much skin. Wear loose tops that can be lifted up or pulled down. The general consensus is to wear 2 layers, a loose baggy top which can be lifted with a loose vest top underneath that slips down. This creates a peep hole so you’re not flashing the flesh. Shirts and cardigans with buttons over a vest top is another great option.
It’s advised that dresses and large jumpers are avoided as they complicate feeding.
Some people prefer a specifically designed breastfeeding top as it’s just one layer. Cross over ones can make feeding easy. Others feel they can be expensive and the choice isn’t great.
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Remember it’s all about personal choice and you’ll probably be far more relaxed as the weeks go on.